Empirical research study

The emprical research study consists of the implementation of focus groups on the one hand and an online survey on the other hand. In each of our six project countries, a focus group was launched to find out more about European companies, their Talent Management or HR-system as well as their practices. The results were not only a stand-alone output as part of the empirical research study, but also informed the questionnaire development of the online survey. 190 companies located in the project’s partner countries across Europe completed the Talent4LIFE online survey.

Model Handbook

The Talent4LIFE Model handbook is one of the core intellectual output of the project and contains a comprehensive description including instruments, methodologies and checklists for the implementation of a Talent Management based staff retention programme in SMEs in Europe, irrespective of the sector or industry. The target group of the Talent4LIFE handbook are all those, who are concerned with the topic and the challenge of retaining staff and their talents within the company as far as possible.

Personal Development Plan

The personal development plan is the core document and strategic plan for SMEs and defines, which steps will be necessary in terms of qualification, development of competences, work-life balance improvements, participation in company decision and strategic processes to achieve active staff retention of talents and especially talents 45+.

Green Paper

A major value of the Talent4LIFE project is the collection and summary of information, strategies, approaches and concepts dealing with staff retention and Talent Management. It contains key notes, reports and best practice examples from representatives of the target groups, and other stakeholders as relevant experts and policy makers.