Every Talent counts.

What is Talent4LIFE?

The project Talent4LIFE aims to improve the development and retention of employees with focus on employees aged 45+. Therefore, it develops a model including instruments for Talent Management based staff retention for European businesses. Being an agile and adaptable company is key to react to changes and hence master current and future challenges.

What is Talent Management?

A Talent Management System is a comprehensive approach involving the whole organisation. In contrast to the conventional approach, which only focuses on developing the high performers, what is about 3-10% of an organisation’s employees, a Talent Management System sees all employees as talents and acknowledges them as crucial for the business success.The basis is provided by the three pillars of Talent Management:

  • the organisation’s strategy, giving the direction,
  • the corporate culture, paving the way, and
  • HR practices, implementing personnel processes.

Empirical Research Study

We conducted an empirical research study to find out more about the current state of companies and Talent Management.  

Model Handbook

The Talent4LIFE Model Handbook will be a hands on practical collection of instruments for Talent Management for staff retention and development processes with focus on employees 45+. 

Personal Development Plan

The personal development plan is a strategic plan for each employee and defines, which steps will be necessary to achieve active staff retention of talents 45+.

Green Paper

The Green Paper for Sustainability is a collection and summary of updated information, strategies, approaches and concepts dealing with staff retention and Talent Management.