Personal Development Plan

What is the Personal Development Plan (PDP)?

The Talent4LIFE personal development plan (PDP) is an online tool that can be used to support an employee appraisal or any other form of development talk between the employer/HR personnel and the individual employee. They will be guided through the process with information and tasks in work sheets.

When opening the tool online, the employer/HR personnel and the employee will receive core information on talent management and the use of the PDP and have access to a guideline for a step-by-step guidance.

Behind each of the four steps is a worksheet to be filled out by the employer/HR and employee together. The worksheets contain a set of questions and respective fields to fill out (e.g. ratings, hitlists, desired measures). All steps build on each other to some extent but it is not mandatory to fill out every sheet or every field.


Personal Development Evaluation to balance the view of employee and employer

Core talents for further development steps

Work-life balance to review the individual workload, working model and further offers

Developments & Milestones: agreement on goals & measures

Results available for download and upload

After going through the PDP (estimated time: 1 hour) the core talents, the work-life balance measure, development goals and milestones to reach them are displayed for the individual employee. This is further supported by information on how to use this table and how to proceed from here.

In accordance with GDPR, inserted data is only saved temporarily and on your computer. All content can be downloaded and saved locally on your own computer. For a later revision or a repetition of the process, you can reinsert the data into the tool.