Here you can find all project results available for download. The results are available in English (EN), German (DE), Greek (EL), Hungarian (HU) & Spanish (ES). Further information on the results can be found on the corresponding pages.


Project brochure

Research Report

Executive Summary

Talent4LIFE Handbook

Handbook materials & checklists in downloadable format

Chapter 1 – Recruiting Talent

1 Recruitment Strategies

Chapter 2 – Onboarding New Talent

2 Suggested onboarding schedule

Chapter 3 – Developing Talent

3 Development checklist, DO’s & DON’T’s for how to approach a development talk & the structure of a personal development plan

Chapter 4 – Growing Your Talent

4 Coaching Scenario

Chapter 5 – Retaining Key Employees

5 Checklist for employee retention & major factors for retention of 45+

Chapter 6 – Off-Boarding & Succession Planning

6.1 Offboarding: best offboarding practices + checklist & the offboarding interview

6.2 Succession planning: how to conduct proper succession planning

Here you can download the guideline on how to conduct the personal development plan and the personal development evaluation, which is the first step of the online tool, for preparation puposes.


Personal Development Evaluation

Talent4LIFE Green Paper